fireball jell-o shots

it's kari!

it’s kari!

a few weeks ago, my boss had us all over to his house for a little Christmas get-together.  everyone was in the holiday spirit in their tacky sweaters, and throughout the night we enjoyed appetizers and desserts and drinks….and fireball jell-o shots.  yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard me correctly.  my coworker rob brought a tray full of fireball jell-o shots, and had i been staying in town rather than driving 45 minutes home, you can bet i would have had more than just the one.

this recipe is ridiculously simple and is a great adult-spin on the college favorite.  if you can handle the fiery, cinnamon flavor of fireball, then this recipe is one for you.


2 cups apple cider

1 large box of orange jell-o

2 cups of fireball cinnamon whiskey


boil apple cider.

pour orange jell-o into cider, using a whisk to quickly mix it all together.

stir in the fireball.

get dixie-sized bathroom cups (plastic is best, but if you only have wax, then double them up) and spray them with a quick shot of non-stick cooking spray.

evenly fill all cups and then let them set in the refrigerator.

once they are all settled and wiggly, enjoy!


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