it’s in the air

we are three days into the autumn season, and i could not be more ecstatic.  over the years i have observed that i am exponentially happier in the fall and winter months, so you can be sure i welcomed the change in weather with open arms.

along with the arrival of fall comes all the things we love about this season:  pumpkin spice everything, apple pie scented candles, flannel shirts and fleece jackets, the list goes on and on.

speaking of lists, the internet has provided us with some humorous takes on our love of this season.  my personal favorite is buzzfeed’s stereotypical jab at white girls during fall.  you can bet i shamelessly admit to most of these things.  after all, i am a white girl, and i do love fall.

the most recent find, though, so sweetly provided by my friend andrew, is an unabashed exaggeration that depicts our over-obsessive nature with the season.  it’s full of language (be warned) and had me rolling on the floor.  when andrew sent me the link, he said, “it’s like if your thought process was infused with vulgar language.”  it’s uncanny how well he knows me, and it’s even more hilarious to try and picture me saying all those things with a straight face.

so, to my fellow fall-lovers out there, express your love for the season with all your heart, however you want.  there’s a reason we live for this time of year, and for those who don’t get it, buy them a psl next time you’re at starbucks.  you just might make them a believer.

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