i’m a twentysomething

i am officially in the final year of my mid-20s.  hello, 26!  it’s the time of my life where friends are getting married, other friends are talking about having kids, and i’m just going with the flow.  they say i’m put-together.  “you’ve got a condo!  you’ve been at your job for four years!  you go, girl!”  if they only knew!  i am still trying to figure out where i want to be in five years.  heck, i’m trying to even figure out this next year!

my favorite artist jamie cullum had a track on one of his early albums.  it’s called “twentysomething,” and it has been one of my favorites over the years, despite his many record releases since.  i’m betting i’m not the only one out there who can relate, yes?

wait!  the only part i don’t relate to is the “leave me alone” part.  feel free to bother me, almost any time.

after years of expensive education

a car full of books and anticipation

i’m an expert on shakespeare and that’s a hell of a lot

but the world don’t need scholars as much as i thought

maybe i’ll go traveling for a year

finding myself or start a career

i could work for the poor though i’m hungry for fame

we all seem so different but we’re just the same

maybe i’ll go the gym so i don’t get fat

aren’t things more easy with a tight six pack?

who knows the answers?  who do you trust?

i can’t even separate love from lust

maybe i’ll move back home and pay off my loans

working nine to five answering phones

don’t make me live for my friday nights

drinking eight pints and getting in fights

i don’t want to get up, just let me lie in

leave me alone, i’m a twentysomething

maybe i’ll just fall in love, that could solve it all

philosophers say that, that’s enough

there’s surely must be more

love ain’t the answer, nor is work

the truth eludes me so much it hurts

but i’m still having fun and i guess that’s the key

i’m a twentysomething and i’ll keep being me

i’m a twentysomething

let me lie in, leave me alone

i’m a twentysomething

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