love is LOUDER

i finally watched it.  the video that all my friends have been posting on facebook.  the one about a child’s speech to new babies coming into the world.  i am by no definition a web surfer, so a new video or site is usually discovered by a friend’s recommendation.  i liked the video so much, what this child and script writer had to say, that i have included here those words.  take a moment to smile and feel good about the world.

there’s a lot that the kids need to know.

(a letter to a person on their first day here)

today over 360,000 babies will be born, and you are one of them.  welcome, this is the world.

it’s a pretty cool place. there’s lots to see, smell.  there’s corndogs.  ah!  i’m getting ahead of myself.  there’s just so much to do!

singing, dancing, oh!  and laughing!  laughing’s the best.  it’s especially great when you laugh and milk comes out of your nose, but only if you just have milk.  otherwise it’s just gross.

some days gross things will happen.  some days awesome things will happen.  some days you’ll get ice cream.  some days you won’t.  some days your kite will fly high.  some days it’ll get stuck in a tree.  that’s just how it is here.

there’s plenty of reasons to dance.  just gotta look for them.  don’t worry, though.  you won’t be doing this alone.  you’re gonna meet lots of people here.  some of them will be really nice and some won’t be.  it’s not that they can’t be, it’s just that…maybe they’re having a bad day.

being a person is hard sometimes.  you should give people high-fives just for getting out of the bed.  oh, high-fives!  i forgot to explain that.  how do i explain this?  um, it’s kind of like…high-fives are kind of like hitting someone who is your friend.  that’s really bad.

just treat everybody like it’s their birthday, even if they don’t deserve it, because we all mess up sometimes.  the biggest mess-up?  not forgiving each other’s mess-ups.

maybe you’ll be a teacher.  maybe you’ll be president.  maybe you’ll cure every disease ever.  you might even see the grand canyon, swim in the ocean.  oh, there’s just so much, it’s a lot.

try this, let’s take a breath.  isn’t that amazing?  it’s called breathing.  you’re gonna do it a lot, and nobody knows exactly how much, so enjoy it.

pay attention.  take brain pictures…because amazing things will happen every day.

you’re gonna do so much.  but it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are.  you?  you’re awesome.  you’re made that way.  you’re made from love, to be loved, to spread love.  love is always louder, no matter what, even if hate has a bullhorn.

love is louder.  love can fight to be loud.  let’s shout to the world, “things can be better!  it’s okay about all the mess-ups!  corn dogs rule!”  sorry, i just keep bringing that up.

i don’t think i told you this yet:  we’re really glad you’re here.  we don’t say that enough to each other here because, well, life gets busy.

you’re gonna be important, and you’re gonna do a lot.  and you’re gonna smell great, but don’t get too busy.

remember to let everybody know you’re glad they’re here.  you don’t have to remember all this right now.  you’re gonna need a pep talk sometimes, and that’s okay.

for now, remember this:  you’re awake, you’re awesome.  live like it.

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