confessions of a…

my collegiate studies brought me to i.b.i.s., inc. back in june 2010 and the company has done a wonderful job of keeping me here ever since.  as part of my position, we are encouraged to blog about the software, hardware, whatever our hearts may desire.  although i did complete a few technical posts, i created and have focused most of my attention on a series titled confessions of a young consultant, when i am not billing, of course.  these confessions provide a fresh perspective on my journey through corporate america and just what i think of it all.

it is true for most of my younger colleagues, myself included, that our jobs here at i.b.i.s., inc. are our first real experience in the workforce.  coming in it was a place that was unfamiliar, no matter how many part-time or summertime jobs we had held.  the professional dynamics were new and could catch you off-guard quite quickly and easily.

these posts are my reflections on the nuances and happenings of the typical corporate experience for a newbie.  it was not enough for me to just mull over it on my commute each day.  i needed to “get it out of my system” so that i could acknowledge my thoughts and continue moving forward.

laughing and learning

make peace, not war

walk the walk

managing the ropes

one year down

the new golden rule

going solo

old school vs. new school

learning the hard way


do i still consider myself a “young” consultant?  yes, simply because there is still so much for me to learn about this line of work and this industry.  i may not be the newest face among the cubes, but there is still plenty to be seen and experienced.  i hope that if you find yourself in a similar situation, you will have the chance to reflect and grow.  good luck.

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