i might be obsessed


i grew up watching my two sporty brothers in all of their athletic endeavors.  there were all-star baseball seasons, basketball games, and post-victory snacks.  so i made it through my middle and high school days as somewhat of a tomboy.  umbro running shorts and hand-me-down t-shirts were my staples.  it wasn’t until i graduated from college and into young adulthood did i discover my personal style.  it was somewhere in my mid-20s that i uncovered the wonderful world of nail polish.

yes, i am going to take time in this post to talk about my light-hearted love relationship with nail polish.  the way i see it, nail polish is another accessory a girl has in her closet, deciding what to pair it with and determining which shades are right for the time of year.  i certainly don’t mind going “naked,” but there is just something that makes me smile when i look down at my nails with a happy color on them.

so, for all you fellow fashionistas out there, keep treating yourself to those little bottles of joy.  there really is nothing wrong with a little color therapy.

and as for you men, you may never understand our obsession with painted nails, but we know you like just whatever it is that makes us happy.

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