weekend visit

this past weekend my parents were in town for a visit, so naturally we had to eat our way through the few days they were here.

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friday night we ventured to jalisco in the peachtree battle shopping center.  this spot was a recommendation by my co-worker drew, who said he goes there all the time, especially considering it is just across from his place.  the wait was a bit chilly in the cold winter night, but it was certainly worth it.  my dad LOVED the carnitas dish he ordered.  my tamale and enchilada were also delicious.  mom had chicken and veggies in her fajita, and gregory rounded things out with something that he inhaled too quickly for me to even take a look.

saturday night took us to fado irish pub in buckhead.  i had been to fado for brunch about a month ago, which was delicious, but had not yet had lunch or dinner.  again, it was another great choice where the food satisfied everyone.  the thick-cut chips we ordered as an appetizer were tasty but nothing too special.  if you want to order a plate, i would recommend those with the rosemary and parmesan.  gregory’s shepherd pie did not last long because it was so delicious, dad could hardly contain himself with the lamb french dip (which, I agree, was really delicious with the thick au jus sauce), mom had a hearty hummus and beet sandwich, kyle consumed the entire beef boxty he ordered, kari picked around at her beef pot pie, and i loved the fish ‘n’ chips that were brought to me.  we ventured to try the dessert, both of which were delicious:  the bread pudding and rhubarb pie.

finally, on sunday afternoon, we wrapped things up at del friscos grill in buckhead, just near lenox mall.  im going to be honest, my meal (the madame croquet) was quite mediocre but everyone else really enjoyed what they ordered.  it may be one of those spots where your meal depends on what you order.  kari and gregory both ordered the chicken and waffles and did not leave a bite on their plates.  i snagged a bite from kari and it made me wish I had ordered that for brunch myself.  dad really liked the chicken fried steak and biscuits, which were a bit on the spicy side thanks to the fresh jalapenos.  mom was much more conservative than the rest of us, ordering a side of brussel sprouts that actually didn’t look too bad, thanks to the bacon that was cooked with them.  kyle tried out the french toast and enjoyed it just fine.

tastefully yours,

Kelsey v

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