phillip and kelsey do boston – day 2

day two in boston started with breakfast at, where else, dunkin’ donuts!  we had some coffees, donuts, and breakfast sandwiches as we planned out the rest of our day.  our first stop, and probably the most important stop of the trip, was to visit the hospital where phillip and his sisters were born.  so we caught the train and headed to dorchester.

now the st. mary’s center for women and children, st. margaret’s is were michele and kim spent several months delivering their miracle babies over thirty years ago.  since we were there on a weekend, we couldn’t get the full tour, but the receptionist charlotte was happy to show us around the grounds as much as she could.

phillip & charlotte.

as charlotte led us through some of the buildings, she was happy to give us some history of the grounds.  it turned out she has been working there for quite some time, so she was able to tell us all about the purpose of the center now, how some of the rooms were used when the grounds were still a hospital, and even where some of the original architecture and artwork is still maintained.  it was so special to watch as phillip took it all in, soaking up the place where his story began so many years ago.

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eventually charlotte did have to return to her desk, but she suggested we go sit in the garden since the weather was so nice out, and that is exactly what we did.  it was so pleasant to slow down, even if just for a few moments, and appreciate all the good things going on at this place.  🙂

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fritz & his food

i don’t know about you all, but this work week has been a bit up and down.  we’ve got a big internal project that’s keeping us very busy.  meetings here, meetings there, meetings everywhere!  i was feeling a bit deflated yesterday afternoon following a training session, and as we walked back into our huddle room, greg said, “i’ve got a video that will cheer you up in no time.”  i settled in to take a watch and, oh sweet Jesus, i almost fell out of my chair when i watched it.  i get the giggles easily, so i was laughing for a while after it ended.

i don’t want to spoil the fun for you, so click here to see all the wonders of this sweet golden retriever fritz.  and without giving too much away, i’ll say the pizza slice clip is my favorite.  enjoy!