june’s ohio adventure

for those of you who know me well, you’re probably wondering to yourself, “who is this june?  is she a long-lost high school friend?  is she a college acquaintance she’s reconnected with nowadays?  is she a new coworker she’s kindly befriend?”  well, i hate that this isn’t more exciting, but june is what i named my lovely rental car for the week!  ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you june, the 2016 grey chrysler pacifica!  isn’t she a beaut?!

the name hit me like a ton of bricks as i was weaving around winding suburb roads and channeling my inner mom, specifically my inner barbara billingsley.  i mean, it really is quite empowering, navigating this sturdy, speedy, and functional vehicle around town.  i felt like i could rule the world!  anyway, june and i became besties last week in ohio while i was up there for work and some personal traveling.  and, in an effort to spice things up on my solo trip, i decided to blog about all our adventures.  our first stop?  dayton.

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what IS that?!

this past weekend phillip and i made the relaxing sunday drive up to alpharetta for the 4:30 p.m. service at north point community church.  we arrived just as the music was starting, so we wiggled our way through to the middle of a row to snag some chairs.  a couple worship songs later we seated ourselves to listen to andy’s message.

about ten minutes in, i found myself distracted by an odd sound.  i wasn’t sure if perhaps the audio was acting up in the auditorium or if it was just my imagination.  the noise carried on for about another five minutes when i suddenly placed what it was:  someone in the row behind us was eating!  yes, that is as absurd as it sounds.  i mean, when you’re hungry you gotta eat, but can it not wait until the program is finished?

i nudged phillip to get his attention and whispered as quietly as i could, “do you hear that sound?  is someone eating in here?”  he pondered the question for a moment and then very sneakily stole a glance behind himself.  he leaned back in and answered, “the man behind us is actually chewing gum.”

WAT.  his gum chewing was that loud, you ask?  yes.  i kid you not, it sounded like he was right behind my ear, flapping his mouth around all wide and open and everything as he smacked on that chewing gum.  now, i don’t have anything against gum in general.  i like to chew a stick when i need to quickly freshen my breath or need something to help keep me awake on a long drive.  i totally get it, but to be chewing gum that loudly in such a quiet setting seemed unreal.

there’s a time and a place, and i like i said, even though i don’t necessarily have any qualms about chewing gum in church, at least have some manners about yourself and keep it down.  after we identified what the disturbance was, i realized how distracting it had been and that i’d missed about five minutes of the message trying to locate it!

gum chewing may be a habit and may seem acceptable wherever, but if you must, i implore you to be aware of your surroundings and be considerate to those near you.  i mean, that’s just how i feel.  anyone else out there smell what i’m stepping in?