vegan week day 4 – here we find ourselves

folks, after munching down those kick-ass scones last night, i turned to phillip and confessed, “all i am craving right now is a chick-fil-a sandwich.”  he agreed, ” you’re telling me.  this vegan thing isn’t awful, but it is hard when i want a hot dog or some cheese.”  in all honesty, i think the initial excitement has begun to wear off, especially since the finish line is in sight.  my cravings surfaced even higher when i passed a chick-fil-a after going to the dentist this morning.  ah, but to have one bite of one chicken biscuit would be divine!

phillip did admit that he does feel more active and alert, which is how we all would like to feel in the middle of the day.  and i will say i do feel less guilty about what i’ve consumed, mainly because it hasn’t involved a family-sized box of cheez-its or some ice cream at the end of the day.  we’ve come this far, so one more day should be doable!  (any and all encouragement is welcome.  🙂 )

since chicken biscuits weren’t an option, phillip and i both had scones for breakfast.  and yes, they were just as delicious this morning as they were last night.  as for lunch, phillip enjoyed some lasting leftovers and i headed to panera bread for some black bean soup and greek salad.


now, our final meal to cook during vegan week (which created plenty for tomorrow, don’t you worry) was this asparagus risotto dish from the colorful writers at thug kitchen.  if you have a good sense of humor, please go read the entire recipe.  it is quite entertaining!  i will caution you, again, that they aren’t shy with their language.


anyway!  i’d rate this recipe on the “easy” level, and the tastes are subtle but quite flavorful.  well, i guess if you like asparagus!  the only problem i had is that i had the wrong rice-liquid ratio.  too much of one or not enough of the other, i’m unsure, but it was a little more broth-y in the end than it probably should been.  oh well!  i’m not going to let that keep me from scarfing down a bowl for dinner.  with a little more finesse on the next time around, i bet it’ll be just perfect.

au naturale!

earlier this week i needed to whip up a quick dinner for phillip and myself.  we’d already done some serious work on my mom’s famous chicken tortilla soup, so i was in the mood for something summer-y and easy.  i knew bratwursts were a good choice along with some velveeta shells and cheese.  i needed something a bit healthy to go on the plate, though, so, in a moment of inspiration, i decided asparagus would be an excellent idea.  it’s one of those vegetables i don’t usually prepare too often for myself but very much enjoy whenever i have it with my meal.

after a quick trip to publix, i got home, lopped off the rough ends of each piece, and lined them up nicely on a foil-covered cookie sheet.  i coated them with some olive oil, salt, and pepper and then popped them into the 425 degree oven for about 10 minutes.  it was just enough time to get them crisp and crunchy, avoiding that soggy, chewy texture that no one likes in their asparagus!

the oven beeped loudly to announce that its job was done, and after setting the tray on the countertop, i kind of stood and admired what was before me.  okay, maybe admired is the wrong word to use here, but the beautiful color of this natural food that had come from the earth almost mesmerized me.  i mean, sure, i love a good processed and pre-packaged guilty pleasure just as much as the next foodie, but every now and then i eat something so simple and fresh and flavorful that i just have to stop and appreciate the moment.  join me, won’t you?